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Paul Klein's backstory...

Updated: May 20, 2020

Fitting in the eclectic, just like The Oopsloop, Paul has a unique degree: Glass Scientist.   Yes it is a thing.   40+ years of processing offbeat materials into various objects like fiber optics, analytical, medical and commercial allows for design with few boundaries.  The various processing facets have lent to many of the variants of taking The Oopsloop to the current design.

From the start of assisting a friend with his patent pending invention to finally updating the design into the current 2020 release.

  • Strength testing to show more than 5 times greater than the pop-up competition.

  • Anchoring layered design for slim-line clear cases.

  • High tack adhesive

  • Cosmetic labeling for clear cases

  • Designed for production by people with disabilities

Paul has served as State coordinator of Programs for National Alliance on Mental Illness New York State as well as instructor for other family members and those with mental illness.  Paul has given hundreds of presentations and discussions on mental illness throughout NY.  Born and raised in the Catskills-Capital Region of NY the drive for helping give back via disabled employment and a portion of the profits donated to their help is an integral part of the dream for the region.

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