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We're back!

After Covid changed all of our world a couple years ago, right about when Paul and I were to basically debut the OopsLoop as a small entrepreneurial venture based off of the new Patent-Pending invention, Covid changed the way the world shopped and operated in general and kind of sent our fledgling little business into a frozen status. Not stopped... just paused.

Until now that is.

Coming into the fall season of 2022 and with the world forever, yes, changed but most of us gearing up to get up, get out and go and continue on with life as close to usual as possible, we too here at The OopsLoop LLC are invigorated and ready to go again!

We are beginning now to let people know that the OopsLoop is available to help you protect your phones (a form of communication extremely important especially since all of our Covid isolation) from falling and breaking - the number one reason phones get damaged.

So thank you for your interest in our product. Thank you for overcoming the challenges you all each faced through Covid times. And thank you for reading this blog and having even a mild interest as to what and where The OopsLoop is headed. I will start posting more blog entries now as there is a lot we have in store for The OopsLoop as it pertains to helping individuals struggling with mental health issues. We hope that purchases of The OopsLoop will help spread the message of Mental Health Recovery and even help some people who are in Recovery return to work eventually when they are ready.

And that information will be in the next blog entry!

Thank you!


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