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We got the OopsLoop PATENT!!

Updated: May 3

After three plus years of challenging deliberations between our lawyers, us, the United States Patent and Trademark Office and lots of suspense days in between... the OopsLoop has been officially been converted in status from "Patent-Pending" to a full and completely "Patented Invention".

This is very exciting and a highly satisfying feeling for us here at The OopsLoop LLC in knowing that our little invention is in fact finally protected by United States governmental regulations. It's a big deal to us small time inventors here in Upstate New York's Schoharie County and is very nice to have the protection.

The legal process and being tentatively protected up to this point, has definitely slowed our progress in marketing and has been a nailbiter of an experience. But now... it's full steam ahead!

We sure are happy to spread some of this positive news of OopsLoop success to you all who have welcomed interest and curiosity in The OopsLoop. And we absolutely thank YOU, our attorneys at HRFM in Albany and the United States Patent and Trademark Office for protecting The OopsLoop!

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