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The OopsLoop!




Phone Protection Accessory.


The OopsLoop

The Seatbelt for the phone that STOPS a Drop!

Works universally with

MOST Smartphones with a case!


In 24 colors:

In 24 Colors!
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The Beginning Story of The OopsLoop...

One day in September of 2018, multimedia artist and mental health motivational speaker, Jason Paden, was attempting to film one of his video projects with his smart phone that required a lot of precarious quick movement.  Concerned that the sudden camera moves could cause his phone to fall out of his hand and drop and break, he got an idea.  He ventured into the garage seeking to affix his phone to his pinky at the bottom of the phone case. 
And with some resourceful tinkering, he left the garage shortly after with the very first version of a loop sandwiched between the phone and the case.  Unexpectedly, Jason enjoyed the feeling of security with the loop so much, he did not remove the makeshift gizmo for a whole month.









It was a fateful 30 days later, while driving with his brother and some family with his phone mounted to the dashboard for navigation where they were having a deep conversation about how Jason could fund his creative projects like his mental health characters - His Quirkz, when suddenly, his brother asked, "What's that?"  He was staring at the phone.
"Oh", Jason said, a little embarassed, "just something I made to keep my phone from dropping.  Kind of like a phone seatbelt."  His brother took the phone off the mount, tried the loop and said, "Jason, out of all your ideas, this little invention could fund them all!"
Jason was stunned, but the next day jumped to work realizing he'd invented something.  A year and a half later, the OopsLoop is officially launched with the help of engineer and mental health advocate and colleague Paul Klein on board.
Today, the patent-pending OopsLoop helps prevent people from dropping their phones, all while raising funds and awareness to help people around mental health!

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